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Year 5

Featuring Year 5/6 
Charcoal Sketching
Year 5/6A students have been researching Australia’s past as part of their SOSE studies this term.  As part of our unit, we looked at the history of Kalkie State School.  In particular, we looked at one of the initial building structures – the shelter shed. The shingle roofed play shed is one of the most historic school buildings in the Bundaberg area.
In 1879, around thirty dollars (15 pounds) had been allocated towards the construction of the play shed. Kalkie’s play shed is unique because of its shingled roof (10 000 shingles) and is a credit to the workmanship of the builders in this era.  Many hundreds of past and present students have sat or played in this play shed.
As a way of integrating our art skills and SOSE, students completed their own unique representation of the play shed by sketching using charcoal. The use of this medium (charcoal) allowed students to add character and tone to their sketch.  The students enjoyed getting out of the classroom and some even ended up with black fingers, black noses and even tiger stripes!
Featuring Year 5
This term in science we have spent a lot of time investigating the different properties and behaviours of light. These investigations have given students the opportunity to explore and evaluate the information they have learnt and reach their own scientific conclusions based upon a fair test.
Here students are building a periscope to explore how light is reflected off mirrors and how it travels in a straight line.
Government systems
Students have also spent much of the term exploring government systems of the world including that of Australia. Students ultimately had to create their own country and system of government inculding laws. Throughout this process the class was arranged in a similar way to what would be found in parliament. This resulted in many heated debates and weighty discussions.

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