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Mission and values

Mission Statement

Kalkie State School and community are committed to providing an environment where students can reach their full potential to be effective and proud citizens of the future.

Education at Kalkie will be characterised by mutual respect, enthusiasm, high standards and equality.

Values and Beliefs

We believe the development of the following values in students is of vital importance:

  • ​Honesty
  • self-respect and self esteem
  • good manners and courtesy
  • responsibility
  • co-operation
  • loyalty
  • tolerance and understanding
  • ​pride in achievement
  • school spirit
  • respect and care of the environment
  • healthy lifestyle
  • sportsmanship
  • initiative
Student's values are established and reinforced in the home, the community and at school. Therefore, it is essential that each supports the development of these values in our children.

Education is the process of developing intellectual, physical and social skills that foster a further intrinsic desire to learn.

Students engage in optimal learning in an atmosphere of care and concern.

The classroom environment must be both stimulating and conducive to learning providing opportunities for all students to succeed.

Teachers should be enthusiastic, show encouragement and have realistic expectations of the individual student. They should prepare and implement stimulating and enriching programmes with an open mind - open to new ideas, techniques and developments in education.

Parental input is vital to the learning process. Parents need to be active supporters of the school, the teachers and the students.